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Imagine a state where schools get funded first without new taxes. Raising taxes is unsustainable. We favor fewer regulations while still keeping government working for you. Low taxes ensure small businesses quickly create jobs. Flat rates ensure big companies pay their fair share. We will lift the vulnerable out of poverty through education, not regulation, and make our economy surge. We will speed up travel and protect your privacy from intrusion. The state must stay out of the bathroom and bedroom. We will keep our water and air clean for our children.

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Schools First: How to fund education without new taxes

How we fund education in Washington is unconstitutional. It's not the amount of money we spend on Education that is the problem, it is how the money is appropriated. Today public education is the last to be funded, with the decision often being taken to the voters. The result is that children in poor or otherwise tax unfriendly school districts receive a lower quality education than their peers who are able to attend better funded schools.

Our budget priorities are backwards.


The Second Amendment Guarantees the Right of Revolution

1911 and Shotgun

This weekend we are celebrating our independence. An independence that was gained through a long fought revolution. It is important to remember that our right to bear arms originated not from a need for hunting, but for a need for self-defense from the government. Our founders wanted to make sure we the people have the means to overthrow the government when it becomes tyrannical. So it is only appropriate that we talk about guns.


Minimum Wage Pushes Equality Over Fairness

We should work towards equal opportunity (fair outcomes) rather than using government to enforce equal outcomes. Minimum wage activists are pushing an agenda of equality over fairness. I don't think wages are something state government should be in the business of regulating. It's not because I don't care about the minimum wage workers, that couldn't be further from the truth. Rather, I feel we should be raising workers out of poverty through education and job training rather than by raising the minimum wage.

What do we do instead of a minimum wage? If elected, here are some things I'd be doing to help:

1. Fair education funding. Washington State is unconstitutionally under-funding the poor schools in our state. We must ensure everyone has access to quality education opportunities so they have the skills to compete.
2. Keep the economy growing. As long as demand for labor is high, employees will have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating wages.
3. Implement a youth wage. Washington should mirror federal law by only requiring workers under 20 to be paid 60% of minimum wage for their first 90 days on the job. I would also propose adding a second bracket at 80% of minimum wage for workers under 26. This will enable young, low skill workers to land their first job and prove their value to employers.


Orlando Shooting

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims in the Orlando shooting. This was a tragic and senseless act of violence against our fellow Americans in the LGBT community. As we grieve over this tragic event, it is important to remember that this act of terror wasn't perpetuated by a group of people, be it Muslims or gun owners. It was an attack inflicted by a single angry man.

End The Double Standard For Use Of Force

Initiative 873 seeks to change the law regarding use of force by removing the phrase "without malice and with a good faith belief" from the existing statute.

We should not continue to ask our officers to think when they barely have time to react and we, as civilians, are not held to the same, high standard. Even the legislature acknowledged this double standard when it passed the law in 1986. Rather than maintain the dual standard, we should apply the simplified standard in RCW 9A.16.050 to officers and civilians alike. This single standard will enable officers to use force to prevent the subjection of any person to great personal injury or any other felony. Initiative 873 is a step in the right direction, but it only addresses half of the problem.


About Andrew Pilloud

I am a citizen like you, not a politician. I value honesty, dependability, and integrity. I will bring a fresh perspective and be your voice in Olympia. I live in Arbor Heights, at the very southern end of West Seattle, with my fiancée Nora. I am actively involved in grassroots politics, fighting for individual liberty, citizen's rights, and fiscal responsibility in all levels of government. I am employed at a local tech startup, Igneous Systems. In 2013, I ran for Seattle port commissioner.

I'm running for State Representative in the 34th!

Earlier today I filed as a Republican candidate for State Representative running against Joe Fitzgibbon in the 34th District.

People are being shot in the streets of Burien. West Seattle might as well be an island due to the crippling traffic. Our public education system is unconstitutionally underfunded. Yet all our representatives seem to be able to do is debate who should be allowed in the women's bathroom. We need new priorities in Olympia.

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